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First GrAID

Here to help put your family's health, safety and education in your hands.


Welcome to the First GrAID family! We are so excited you are here to join us on our journey to make health and safety education accessible to children and families everywhere, from the safety and comfort of your own device.

First GrAID came to life in early 2019 at Harvard Business School in Boston, MA after several conversations between co-founders, also sister and brother, Vanessa and Tony Trinh about his observations in the pediatric emergency room. As a medical student, he had spent a lot of his time in hospitals over the past five years and kept wondering why there seemed to be so many children hospitalized for accidental and unintentional injuries. When he asked doctors what resources they referred to parents to help prevent this type of injury, he learned there was nothing available.

Educational applications are incredibly popular, making up 5 of the top 10 applications in the “family” category of the Apple store. However, most of these apps are focused on gamifying reading, writing, and math. Of the kids apps that focus on health, the majority of them address  fitness, meditation, or nutrition, with only a few addressing injury prevention and safety. None of them allowing for a two-sided, personalized platform to give parents additional engagement with their children's learning and a curriculum that fits their child's lifestyle.


In a very unexpected twist, COVID-19 has impacted our start-up. Given the new levels of hygiene required to help keep the virus from spreading, we knew we needed to move quickly and provide content for our future users. The new normal created by COVID-19 gave us a way for us to help parents and children and therefore begin building a community around First GrAID.

We're thrilled to have you here and can't wait to show you what we have built for children and families everywhere! Stay tuned and stay safe!



We're grateful for the generous support and enthusiasm we've shared with our partners and advisors. Onwards and upwards!

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