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First GrAID *Saturday*

Thank you for following our blogs. We take pride in being able to publish content that may help you and your family stay safe and healthy. First GrAID Fridaysare a way for us to utilize our resources to educate, connect and work together to create a safer and healthier world for children everywhere. Yesterday was a company holiday here at First GrAID and we hoped that you took this particular Friday to also utilize resources to educate, connect and work together to create a safer and healthier world for Black children and lives everywhere. Happy Juneteenth to our First GrAID family!

Dear First GrAID Family,

I grew up in a house with three younger, and very energetic, brothers who made every day a new experience for me. As their older sister, I tried to work with them after school to help them with their homework but it wasn’t long before I realized how difficult it was to keep them focused on their lessons. However, when it came to the games on their computers, iPads or phones, they couldn’t take their eyes off of them! The boys were so quick to learn all about the games and started teaching me about apps I didn’t even know about! It was then when I truly recognized the power of technology to engage and connect people in ways that could be applied to education. I think, if done correctly, the combination of education and technology can prove extremely valuable.

That is the power of technology that we are currently harnessing at First GrAID. My name is Maryam Farooq and I am the current Content Developer working on using technology to help young children have fun while learning information that will benefit them now and in their future. With a background in biology, healthcare, and education, I am working to bring together the best practices in teaching and learning while creating an interactive and engaging platform for both the children and parents. With these games, we hope that children have fun while learning information and skills that can help them stay safe and healthy.


Today's Tip:

Due to all the changes occurring around us, this is a time that can lead to anxiety for many people. If you or your child are feeling either anxious or just bored, doing some art work is a great way of expressing those emotions and just having a fun time. Research has shown that art therapy has shown to be beneficial in dealing with anxiety in children by serving as a simpler and more direct way of expressing themselves. You can use any arts and craft materials you have at home and just get creative with it. It can be as simple as doodling with a pencil on paper! After your child is done drawing, you can ask them to explain what they drew and talk more about the ideas and emotions behind it. This not only starts a conversation, but provides a pathway into better understanding their emotions and state of mind.


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