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Welcome to First GrAID!

Hello, World!

Welcome to First GrAID! We are your go-to health and safety digital learning platform for kids and parents everywhere. We are a team of dedicated educators, engineers, doctors and students creating the first personalized learning companion for kids and parents. This learning companion is meant to supplement health, safety and wellness education in a fun and safe way, right at home, available on your mobile devices!

Like many children themselves, First GrAID came out of a hospital. I still remember the night my brother Tony called me, incredibly frustrated, because he had come home from a 24-hour shift in the pediatric emergency room where he spent the majority of his time treating children with entirely preventable injuries. This time, it was a young boy who had actually been at the hospital for the third time that month, for again accidentally ingesting his grandfather’s pills. Not only did he have to go through a lot of pain and procedures, but his family also incurred huge costs.

Pediatricians spend valuable time and resources treating preventable injuries. During the treatment, they also spend half of the time trying to entertain and distract the child with games or cartoons on their phone.

Tony and I put our heads together and thought that maybe we could bridge this gap with games and videos that help teach kids important health and safety lessons. That’s how we came up with First GrAID.

I’m Vanessa, one of the co-founders of First GrAID. I know that this has not been the easiest or most fun times to be learning from home or wherever COVID-19 is keeping you. However, we hope to help you as much as we can by providing a few tips and tricks that can make learning and being safe at home as easy and fun as ever for kids and parents alike.

Follow us here and on our social media to learn about more activities and games you can play with your kids to help them get through this time! It’s a great opportunity to teach them lessons in new, fun ways.


Today’s Tip:

Maybe screen time has gone up for your kids more than you would like because you are working from home and need to keep your child entertained? Try and set a schedule with your child and some guidelines around the devices. Establish a schedule that gives designated times like After Breakfast or Right after it gets Dark! Also establish Play Times and Family Time to help them be just as organized as you. Write them down on a big sheet of paper with varying colorful markers to help your child look forward to certain times of the day. Put a timer on that they can see that counts down the full 30 minutes.


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